Thursday, September 21, 2017

It's Johnny Appleseed Day, September 26!

I always love taking my family to the apple orchard in the fall.  It is such a beautiful time of the year and very special to go to an orchard to pick apples and see the colorful leaves.  

Not only do we have such fun celebrating fall, we can also focus on several yearly events too. 

One of them is Johnny Appleseed Day on September 26.  

I have been seeing lots of wonderful books and resources as we get closer to this day and kick off the first of fall tomorrow.  

My friends at Follett even put together a terrific Titlewave List of Johnny Applessed Day books which includes these two and....
several others.  

I also pulled together a Collection by Destiny of a few resources you can use to celebrate and teach your students about Johnny Appleseed too.

You can find it here.

Have a fun kicking off fall tomorrow and don't forget to tie in Johnny Appleseed too!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

They Nattered Like Pirates In Flipgrid!

It was so fun to see that my friend Andy Plemmons students adding to the Talk Like A Pirate Flipgrid today.
You could see they were having such a fun time during their Talk Like A Pirate Day in the library.

Check out their Pirate Talk here too.  Feel free to keep this pirate talk going.

Thank ye Andy....Ye 'n yer students made Talk Like A Pirate Day even more fun!  

The Library Voice Recognized In The Top 50 Teacher Blogs

Today I received an email with a wonderful surprise and honor inside.

It was from

My blog, The Library Voice, has been recognized as one of the top teaching blogs online in their new list of the Top 50 Teacher Blogs!  
I am included with such a wonderful group of blogs, educators and friends.  I can't wait to get to know even more of these and the people behind them.  

Monday, September 18, 2017

Adding Something New As We Develop Our Future Ready Librarian Goals

Do you remember when I came across that really cool idea from Suzanne Snead @librareprincess on Twitter? 
She tweeted She's got #goals. Getting a jump start on 17-18 with my nifty little planner. #FutureReadyLibs.
Suzanne created the Future Ready Librarian Goals in Google Sheets, making it very easy to add things under each of the ten gears throughout the year. You can add text, images, links, etc.. to the space underneath each column or gear.

Also, having this in Google Sheets will give her the opportunity to use this year after year, adding another sheet or tab to hold a new year.

After I saw her tweet, I asked her if we could all use this by making a copy and using it as our own personal Future Ready Librarian space too.  She was excited to share it with all of us. 
I have been using her Google Doc and sharing it in so many places.  Today, when I was having a conversation with my dear friend Terry Roper about setting goals as Future Ready Librarians, I thought....

Maybe it would be helpful to add a few more guidelines in the goal setting Google Sheets?  
So, I added a new column with four new rows labeled with these statements above.  This will help us focus what we are doing and what we want to do as we set our Future Ready Librarian goals for today and the future.

I made a copy of the Google Sheets that I made the additions to.....You can find it here.  Please feel free to make a copy of this or add your own rows and columns to one you have already started.

This will be a wonderful place to start planning for the year as you embrace all parts of the framework as a Future Ready Librarian.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Connect For Read For The Record Day on October 19!

With Read for the Record Day right around the corner on October 19, it is time to think about making some very special connections throughout the day. 

We have put together a Google Doc for Read for the Record Day that you can get to here. 

If you are interested in connecting with others on this day, please add your name, contact info, occupation, school, location, schedule, and ideas to the information below.  Look for others to connect with and sign up on their schedules too.  Be sure to use your name and contact information when you sign up on others’ schedules.

We plan to celebrate throughout the day on October 19, 2017.

Have fun making and planning your day and these connections.
Also, you can read more about Read for the Record Day and the very special book Quackers by Liz Wong here.

Let's Globally Connect For Special Literacy and Learning Events All Throughout The Year!

All weekend long people have been reaching out asking when the next literacy and learning event will be....and if we can have these global connections all throughout the year.  

The answer is.....YES!  :) 

By using the Library, Learning and Literacy Celebrations Throughout The Year Google Sheets where we have added events and content for each month, we can make these special connections too.  
Tonight I added a new Column to each month called Global Collaborations and Connections.  

I also moved all events like Dot Day and other global events to the top of each month highlighting them in yellow.  We will be able to find each special event quickly and easily by being here on each months Sheet.  

Let's take a look at these together.....remember this is just a start.  
Above is September and October.....I moved Read for the Record to the top and included...
a Google Doc for making connections with others around the world.  You can find it here....and please feel free to start making connections today. 
 In November, we have Picture Book Month. 
In December, we have Hour of Code.
And there is a Google Doc there for making global connections.  You will find it here too. 
In February, we have World Read Aloud Day....a day I just love!
Here is the Google Doc for making connections. 
In March, we have Read Across America.
 In April, we have one of my favorite days....Poem In Your Pocket Day.  
I have started a Google Doc for making connections for Poem In Your Pocket Day too. You will find it here
And in May, we have Children's Book Week.  

Now remember, this is just a start.  Please let me know what else you would like to celebration and connect for throughout the year.
To start, let's start making connections for the very next celebration...Read for the Record coming up on October 19.

You will find the Google Doc here and can start signing up and making connections today.

I am so happy everyone had fun for Dot Day....Now let's make this happen all throughout the year. 

A Special Collection for Constitution Day!

Today is Constitution Day and with all of the amazing resources being shared, I decided to pull them into a special Collection.

You will find the Constitution Day Collection here. Please feel free to use and share it too.

Use Videos To Bring Learning, Teaching & Memories To Life In Buncee

I celebrated Dot Day with a wonderful group of people in YouTube Live (Google Hangout) on September 15.  We connect this way for special events and always share the link so others can watch and have fun with us too.
This year as we got ready for Dot Day, I created a Buncee and added the link of the YouTube Live to the Buncee too.

The cool thing about this....When you add a YouTube link and video, it is automatically embedded and can be played within this Buncee.
As you can see in the tweet at the top of this post, our friends at Follett watched our Dot Day Celebration from the Buncee that I shared....and the one right above her too.
And now when you go to our Dot Day Celebration Buncee, you will find the entire recording right there in the corner.

You can click on it here to watch and share.

I want you to think about using this feature for other things in your library and classroom.

Embed an event like this Dot Day Celebration and share with parents, teachers and others around the world.  They can watch it live or afterwards too.

Share field trips with parents and others...even your students when you get back to school.  Once again, they can even be the actual live event.

Make music concerts, project parades, sporting events, science fairs and other events live.
Use it for flipped learning by sharing videos that you create or have students create videos to share with other students too.

Find videos that are relevant to what you are teaching and embed them in your Buncee.  For example, Buncee is a powerful digital tool to teach math, science and more.  A embedded video would make it even more meaningful.  For example, check out all of the videos on NASA's YouTube.

Embed book trailers from publishers, authors and illustrators for books that our students love.
Embed the book trailers that your students create too!  I love the Author Interviews from Follett Learning's Behind the Book Series.  You can find over 75 of these on YouTube.

Go to the Cantata Learning YouTube Channel and embed any of the stories and songs.

There are so many ways to use this feature.  Now let me show you how.  It is super easy.
Go to the YouTube video you want to use.  Click on Share and copy the URL. 
In your Buncee, Pick Your Media Type and click on Import URL.  
You will paste the URL here and click enter.  
You can also search within YouTube under media types too.  

Either way once you click on Enter, the YouTube video will be...
automatically embedded like these in this Buncee above.

There are so many ways to use Buncee to bring learning, teaching and creativity to life.  By embedding, sharing and archiving videos, we are adding an element of engagement and fun too.

#FutureReadyLibs Twitter Chat Archive From September 14 Here

Last week we kicked off a year of the monthly #FutureReadyLibs Twitter Chats with teacher librarians Craig Seasholes @craigseasholes and Jonathan Werner @maineschooltech.

Craig has archived this Twitter Chat in Storify. You will find the lively conversation From Library to Learning Commons here.

Thank you Craig and Jonathan.  It was such an inspiring and lively conversation that everyone enjoyed. 

Future Ready Librarians Webinar In October and December...Mark Your Calendar Today

With the school year off to a great start, a lot of you have been asking when the next Future Ready Librarians webinars are going to be for the rest of the year.

I have two dates, topics and very special guests to share.

On October 17 at 4:00pm EST, we will be discussing Building Collaborative Relationships with Becky Calzada, Suzanna Panter, Dawn Baughman, Charmaine Norton and a few of their teacher librarians friends to be announced this week.

Then on December 12 at 4:00pm EST, we will focus on Cultivating Community Partnerships.  Sue Kowalski and Gina Seymour will be joining us for this one.

Please mark your calendars and I will be sharing the link for the registration to the webinars very soon.  I just didn't want you to miss these two dates.  :)

If you are looking for more information on Future Ready Librarians and the archived webinars so far, you can visit our page here.

Thank you....Please let me know if you have any questions.  

Look No Further! Follett Has Just What We Need For Our Makerspaces!

With Makerspaces being such an important part of our libraries, schools and communities today, we look for places for supporting the making, collaborating, learning, building, reading, investigating, writing, communicating and more thats place in these amazing spaces.  

Well, look no further!  Follett has just what we need for our Makerspaces!  

Let me show you around. 
I created the Makerspace! Makerspace! Makerspace! Collection by Destiny which is filled with resources, tools, blogs, articles, digital tools, books, posters and more.

I made this Collection public so please use and share it with your students, teachers and community.
And one cool thing about Collections, you can even add Makerspace resources from your library collection just like how I added the eBook, Game Design, to mine.
Follett has put together Makerspace Bundles for PreK-12 school libraries and classrooms.  These starter bundles include topics like electricity, art, robotics, physics, building and more.
They are in three different categories including...
Follett has created Coding Bundles too which...
will help you bring coding-focused activities and books to even your youngest learners. 
You can search
for all of the Makerspace book, eBooks, resources and more. 
It is easy to search multiple Makerspace Topics found on the left hand side.  
Follett offers the Dremel Idea Builder 3D40 Printer which is safe, reliable and easy-to-use for all ages of young innovators.
You will find more information, including the different printers available from Follett here.
It is always so helpful to share stories and ideas, ask questions, read successes and failures of others, and more when starting, building and maintaining a Makerspace.

Within the Build My Makerspace Group in the Follett Comunity, you can be part of these amazing posts, conversations, and exchanges.
I just love all of the helpful and exciting Makerspace posts like this one on Cataloging a Makerspace in Destiny Library Manager. 
The conversations in the Build My Makerspace Group has lots of different threads like...
this one on Building a LEGO wall.  

You can start a new Discussion Thread too.  
 You will also find the Makerspace webinars awesome!
In fact, Makerspaces and the Curriculum...Best Practices for Transforming Learning is coming up this week on September 19.  

You can read all of the details and register here
As you can see, Follett has what we need to bring imagination, creativity and so much more to our young people and Makerspaces every day. 

Especially the help we need to make all of our makers dreams come true!