Thursday, April 27, 2017

What A Fun Poem In Your Pocket Day Celebration! You Can Watch & Have Fun Too!

Today is the day!  

It is Poem In Your Pocket Day and we had a very special celebration this afternoon I want to share.  

Four libraries and their librarians and teachers came together to celebrate using Google Hangout Live. Our group included teachers librarians Craig Seasholes in Washington; Heather Fox and Kim James, in Iowa; and Michelle Griffith and Karyn Lewis in Texas....along with wonderful teachers and lots of awesome kids! 

But the SUPER cool thing....Because it was a GHO Live we were able to share the link so other schools and libraries could watch around the world!  

To make this Poem In Your Pocket Day even more special we were joined by Emily Arrow, Robert Forbes, Blake Hoena from Cantata Learning and Mrs. P to sing, share stories and poetry. We had so much fun creating, reading and listening to the poems in the pockets from the students too.  

You will find the recording of our Live Google Hangout in the Buncee above.  Feel free to watch with your students and share too.  

Here are a few of the pictures that we took and shared of our time together.  I will keep adding them here so please share too.  

Thank you friends.  You always make this one of the best days of the year!  
And I loved it at the end when Emily sang Find A Book, one of the Cantata Learning Library Skills titles which are available August 1, 2017.  

I wrote these four books and Emily arranged and produced the music.  It was so much fun singing along with all of the students in their libraries.  
You can listen and sing along to Find A Book and all four of the Library Skills Set here on the Cantata Learning site. 

And remember...if you missed todays LIVE event, you can watch it with your kids later too.  Thank you Alexis for sharing this with us....we love seeing you and your kids having fun with us. 
We hope you all had a fun day celebrating Poem In Your Pocket Day too! 

The Day USA....The Perfect Place For Media & News Literacy!

With media literacy and fake news being such hot topics in education and the world, we need resources and teaching tools that will support our students in the library, classroom and home.  

The Day USA is just what we need!  

And guess what? 
I am very excited to share that Follett has announced they are the exclusive distributor on The Day USA within the United States. 

Let me tell you a about The Day USA so you can see what an amazing resource this will be for your students and school community too!  
The Day USA supplies high-interest articles in an online daily news service for schools. 
They write daily articles and features for every subject including news, government, economics, science, sports, geography, culture, ELA and more.  In fact, The Day USA has a resource-bank of over 5000 articles and more each week.  
The Features focus on big topics throughout the week including Briefing, Opinion and The Big Issue to name a few.   
The Day USA can be used as a platform for rich discussions and learning experiences.  

You will find The Week's Agenda includes various ways to get your students even more excited and involved with the news and information on The Day USA.  

I can see so many ways to use...
You Decide,  
Weekly Quiz,  
and Choose The News with students as a class, small group and as they read The Day USA independently.  

It would be powerful for them to pull these features up with their families to ignite conversations at home too.  

The Day USA helps teacher librarians and educators in so many ways.  It connects to the latest events from the around the world to the curriculum while developing our students research and critical thinking skills.  It also helps our students read things they are passionate about and expand their thinking and interests by putting exciting new content in front of them.  

The Day USA also saves teacher librarians and educators so much time with lots of teaching materials that are ready to go!  

Check these out...
Everything we need to make a difference with The Day USA in our libraries and schools too.  

If you use Destiny in your library, The Day USA can be integrated and is searchable by the OneSearch option.  

According to a press release on March 1, 2017, Nader Qaimari, President of Follett School Solutions, states, 

The Day USA succeeds on its promise of inspiring curiosity, sparking dialogue and debate, and helping students with media literacy by evaluating information critically and competently, all the while reporting the trust, balance and reason. 

The Day USA offers a pro-con structure to its articles as well as a social platform that genuinely engages students as it allows them to cast votes on questions posted.  Plus, it continues to expand the library into the classroom, something at Follett to which we are wholly committed.  

To learn more about The Day USA please visit the site here.  

You will also find more information on the Follett site here or contract your local Follett library representative.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Join Us For Flipgrid Unplugged...Igniting Instruction With Engaging Interactions!

Flipgrid is one of my favorite digital communities for engaging young people in conversations, reflections, learning, and especially in having a voice within the world.

On May 16, 2017 at 6:00-7:00pm CST, I get to share how Flipgrid can ignite instruction and make a difference in the library, classroom and school community.
I hope you can join us.  You can register for this free webinar here.

Bringing Animal Research In PebbleGo To Life With Buncee!

Today I came across a fun tweet from teacher librarian Kelly Shelton @kellylibrarian1.  

Kelly shared a few pictures of the wonderful Buncee's her first graders created after researching animals in Capstone's PebbleGo.  I love how they used the drawing tools and stickers to create their stories in Buncee.
She can also bring all of these Buncee's together into one big class Buncee by "stitching" them together...One of the COOLEST Buncee features.  You can read more about it here.
Take a look at the poster that Buncee created showing how it ties into all seven of the ISTE Standards for Students.  Not only is it a meaningful and exciting way for them to share what they have learned, by using Buncee and PebbleGo the students are incorporating and practicing several of their media and digital literacy skills.

They will also be able to share their Buncee creations with friends, families and others around the world.
I love this idea. I added it to the Let's Share Our Ideas For Using Buncee In The Library and Classroom Padlet.  This is an amazing collaborative space where new Buncee project ideas from around the world are added every day.

Thank you Kelly for sharing your idea.  It is so much fun to see what your students learned and created.

Please feel free to add your ideas to the Padlet too. 


2016 ISTE Standards for Students 2016, ©2016, ISTE® (International Society for Technology in Education), All rights reserved.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Celebrate Poem In Your Pocket Day With Us On April 27 In This LIVE Online Event!

It's time to celebrate Poem In Your Pocket Day this week and we have planned something really special to share with you!  

On April 27 at 12:30-1:00pm CST, Emily Arrow, Blake Hoena from Cantata Learning, Robert Forbes and Mrs. P will be joining students in Iowa, Washington and Texas for singing, sharing poems in our pockets, reading and a whole lot of fun!  

Please join us at this link for the LIVE event.  We can't wait to celebrate with all of you!  

Monday, April 24, 2017

Ideas For Those Old VHS Tapes You Have Hanging Around The Library, School and Home!

Today, a tweet from Martha Bongiorno @Mrs_Bongi caught my attention.

There were two tweets from the library showing....
her students building with VHS tapes in their Makerspace.  
It reminded me of when we used VHS tapes and created ribbons and bows for packages for our Digital Learning Day celebration.  
You can read all about this day, and what we created, here in this post from my blog
Martha created a VHS Tape Challenge for her students and they were asked how high they could build a tower and domino maze from the VHS tapes given to them.  

What a great idea!  

I love how she tied in so much STEAM with this Makerspace activity using recycled technology from their library.  And you can see that the students loved it too. 
 Martha included the directions and was excited to share it with all of us to use too.
I started a Pinterest Board today... Creating & Projects With Recycled VHS Tapes can be found here.

Please feel free to collaborate with me if you'd like....or send any ideas my way and I will add them to the Pinterest Board.

Thank you Martha and your students for the inspiration in getting this fun conversation started.  

We all have VHS tapes laying around.  Now we will be inspired to do something with them too. 

Join Little Golden Books and Baker & Taylor For A Special Anniversary Celebration!

With Little Golden Books celebrating their 75 anniversary this year, there has been a lot of celebrating surrounding this very special event.

In fact, one event is this week!  
Baker & Taylor, Little Golden Books and Random House Children's Books are hosting a webinar, 2017 Marks the 75th Anniversary of Little Golden Books. 

It is this Thursday on April 27 from 1:00-2:00pm EST.

You won't want to miss it so register here today.

Watch My Digital Literacy & Project Connect Webinar Online

You can now watch the recording of my webinar Digital Literacy: Project Connect's Microcredential Course, which was sponsored by Follett on April 18.
In this webinar, we explored the definitions and importance of digital literacy and citizenship.  I also told my story of integrating digital literacy and citizenship into the library and school by creating a supportive and engaging curriculum, program and community.

I focused on various programs and resources that support digital literacy and citizenship.
One that I am very passionate about and that is perfect for learning the skills yourself is Project Connect. Follett created Project Connect to advocate and support librarians as leaders in Future Ready Librarianship skills, including digital literacy.  

They have also developed an online microcredential course to help librarians and others develop a vision and plan to promote digital learning within their library.  I recently took this course and loved sharing specifics during the webinar.

I know you will enjoy learning how you can sign up and get involved in Project Connect too.  You can do that here.

It is important for all of us to understand how to best empower our students as they become responsible digital citizens and critical consumers of information.  Please watch the webinar to find out more!  
You will find the recording, slides and certificate of participation here on the Follett Community site. 

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Welcome 23 New Flipgrid Ambassadors!

Let's welcome the Spring 2017 class Flipgrid Ambassadors to our group!

You can read about all 23 educators here.

As the Flipgrid blogs stats,

The Flipgrid Ambassador program was created to promote a closer relationship between the Flipgrid team and the members of our global community. Flipgrid Ambassadors ensure that the decisions we make as a company continue to reflect the voice of our amazing educators. Organized in the fall of 2016, the program now includes more than 100 classroom teachers, professors, teaching librarians, and instructional coordinators.

I am very honored to be part of this group.  Together we are making a difference in education by empowering the voice of our students.