Thursday, December 14, 2017

A Winter Collection of Resources, Songs, Stories and Fun!

I love all of the songs, stories, project ideas, lesson plans, craft ideas, recipes and more for the winter.  

I have brought these together a Collection for the Winter, which you can find here

Also, please let me know what we need to add yet.  You can add it as a comment to this post or tweet me at @shannonmmiller.  

Adding A Few Research Clues To Collections For Your Students

There is something new in Collections by Destiny that I love! 

We can now add images to truly personalize the items that we add to our Collections.  I wrote how to do this here.
Today when I was working on the Winter Collection I created to share with all of you, I added PebbleGo from Capstone. 

I realized that when adding PebbleGo to a Collection it would make more sense to add a picture and description of what you would like the students to research in that specific Collection. 
In this case, I took a screen shot of the Winter articles from PebbleGo Science. 
I then clicked on Edit Resource and uploaded the image (screen shot) of the PebbleGo Winter articles.  

Now when students and teachers see this in the Winter Collection, they will know exactly what to research in PebbleGo.

These little visual and textual clues truly help our students as they become better researchers and readers every day. 

Building Instructional Partnerships as Future Ready Librarians....Tell Us How You Do This!

As Future Ready Librarians, we are leaders within our library, school community and throughout our profession in many ways.  We design collaborative spaces, cultivate community partnerships,  facilitate professional learning, and so much more.

As we look at the Future Ready Librarians Framework, one of my favorite wedges is Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment. Included in this wedge is Curates Digital Resources and Tools, Empowers Students as Creators and Building Instructional Partnership. 

Today when I was working on a few Collections by Destiny for the holidays and winter, I thought a lot about the way we lead within this wedge throughout the year.  
When I was in the library, my role in partnering with the teachers became even bigger around this time of year....just like I always saw at the beginning of the year too.  Teachers were getting things wrapped up before a big holiday break and gearing up to kick off the second part of the school year and a brand new year with a bang.  Even though the time before any break can be a bit stressful, it can also be exciting,  refreshing and very rewarding for all.

It is a new start!  And a time for us as Future Ready Librarians to show our leadership skills by building instructional partnerships that last throughout the year.

So today, I thought it would be fun and helpful to brainstorm some ideas and new ways you can collaborate with your teachers in 2018!
I have created this Padlet that we can use.

You can go to the Building Instructional Partnerships Padlet here to share your ideas and ways that have worked as you collaborate with other educators in your school community.

Please share....We can't wait to be inspired by your ideas.  
To give you a little sneak peak at what I included, here is the Winter Collection by Destiny I added to the Padlet, 
along with ways to use Collections for building collaborative partnerships.  

Go to the Padlet now to see my other ideas and add yours.

Together we will become the best Future Ready Librarian leaders in 2018!  

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Gift-a-Book from Write Our World!

I wanted to share this very special program from my friends at Write Our World.  

You can read about it above and also visit the Gift-a-Book page here

With the support that we give and awareness we raise, children will be able to write even more of these beautiful books with Write Our World.  I hope you support them today too. 

STEM Challenges.... Perfect For The Holidays From Maker Maven!

With the holidays here, everyone is a little anxious and excited in the library, classrooms and at home.  We need activities and lessons that keep our students thinking, creating and having fun.  

Well, I have the perfect thing for all of you!  

They are the STEM Challenges from our friends at Maker Maven, one of my favorite places to connect with our Makerspace needs.  

On their blog, Maker Maven posts these amazing STEM Challenges that require simple materials and include the instructions you will need to implement these within your space too.  
Earlier this fall, they shared the STEM Challenge, How Long of a Chain Can You Make With One Piece of Paper?  

I remember thinking at the time,  This would be a great one for the holidays as we make paper chains to decorate tress and rooms.  

And this STEM Challenge is just a start!  Check out a few more.....
You will find all of these and more on the Maker Maven blog.
While you are there, make sure you check out the entire Maker Maven site.  As the home page states,

Maker Maven provides custom Makerspace curation and consulting for schools, librarians and districts.  We equip customers with the latest information and resources available to provide quality Makerspaces to students and educators.  

I know you will love what they have for all of us too! 

Get On The Map For Digital Learning Day 2018!

Digital Learning Day 2018 is right around the corner! 

On February 22, 2018teachers and students from around the country will participate in the nationwide celebration highlighting great teaching and demonstrating how technology can improve student outcomes. 
Will you join them? 

If you're celebrating #DLDay 2018add your event to the map today! 

Once your event is on the map, visit our graphics page to help spread the word. 

Interested, but not sure what to do? Visit our interactive lesson plans page for ideas and inspiration. 
You will find everything you need for Digital Learning Day on their site here.  

We hope to see you join by adding your event to the map and celebrating with us on February 22 too.  

Here It Is....The Cultivating Community Partnerships Webinar Recording and Resources

On December 12, we had our last Future Ready Librarian webinar of 2017.  

And this sure was an awesome way to end our fantastic year of webinars!  

Sue Kowalski and Gina Seymour joined me as we talked about cultivating community partnerships within our libraries, school communities and throughout the world.

You can watch the webinar here.  Please feel free to share this link with others too. 

You will also find the slides here which contains links to all of the resources we shared.  

Thank you Sue, Gina, the Alliance for Excellent Education, Follett and all of our guests who were part of our Future Ready Librarians webinars 2017.  

I will be sharing our schedule for 2018 very soon.  I can't wait until you see what we have in store for the new year. 

Teaching Visual Literacy Using Graphic Novels....and I Have Lots of Resources For You!

Have you seen Follett's Resource Center?  It is amazing!  

Inside of Follett's Resource Center you will find several Themed Collections such as... 
..Exploring Digital Literacy, Makerspace, Healthy Minds and Lives, Fighting Fake News, and more.

Within these Themed Collections you will find resources including lessons plans, discussion questions, teacher guides and creative activities.  Each Themed Collection also includes lists of book put together by the wonderful collection development staff at Follett, which includes resources from the various publishers too.

They are a wonderful place to start when introducing and teaching these topics within the library and classroom.
November's theme was Using Graphic Novels.  
Graphic Novels are such an important part of our library collections.  In my library, I watched the Graphic Novel section grow and become more and more popular and visited all the time.  It was hard for me to keep graphic novels on the shelves because the students connected to them in a very personal and passionate way as readers and young people.  They were definitely favorites among our students.  

Integrating graphic novels into your curriculum means students can choose from a variety of topics and reading levels.  Plus, these stories are rich in narrative plots and dialogue, encouraging new vocabulary and enticing students to read.  

Yes, I couldn't agree more!  
One of the best projects I ever did with my fifth graders was when I used graphic novels to teach visual literacy.
According to Merriam-Webster, Digital Literacy is the the ability to recognize, interpret, evaluate and understand ideas conveyed through visible actions or images, such as pictures.  
In this project, we Skyped with several graphic novelists to hear about their work and thought process as we read, evaluated and interpreted the graphic novels they wrote.

At the end of our exploration and reading, the students created their own graphic novels using StoryboardThat which they shared with others throughout our school community and world.
In the Using Graphic Novels Themed Collection, you will find resources and ideas for bringing graphic novels to your students and using them to teach visual literacy.  

Let me show you what they have included.  
 In the Resources box, you will find several lesson plan ideas, guides and activities for your readers. 
A few of the resources include A Guide to Graphic Novels with Children and Teens, 
 Discussion Questions for Drama by Raina Telgemeier, 
 Graphix Story Starter featuring Art by Raina Telgemeier and...
a Zita word find and maze.  
You will love looking through the Graphic Novel Catalog from Follett and...
At the bottom of the page, you will find several graphic novels paired with the activities, lesson plans and other information they might include from the publisher.
These range from K-12 grade. All of these materials are free too.  
I also wanted to include a couple of the Behind the Book interviews that you will find in the Resource Center as well.  

Both of these interviews are perfect to share when using graphic novels with your students.  They will love hearing from two of their most favorite and popular graphic novelists.  

I have included several ideas and graphic novels, now I would love to hear how you use graphic novels with your students.  

Please leave comments in this post or tweet me at @shannonmmiller. 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Spread Some Smiles For Miles With Buncee!

It is the perfect time of year to bring special projects and activities to your students that promote kindness, love, and giving within your library, classroom and community.
I couldn't be more excited to share a wonderful new project from Michael Drezek with you! 

It is called Miles of Smiles or #BunceeBuddiesMilesOfSmiles.  

As the Miles of Smiles Buncee Board states,

Have a Buncee that is sure to make someone smile?  Add it to this board!  We will be sharing these with folks away from home for the holidays serving in the military, in retirement communities, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, etc...  Let's use our creativity and imagination to bring smiles for smiles.  
It is amazing to see all of the Buncee's on the Miles of Smiles Buncee Board.  I spent at least a hour reading and interacting with almost every Buncee on the board. 

I can tell you that I felt happier with each click.  Just think how others would feel who were alone, scared, sick or homesick.  This Buncee Board would truly make a difference. 

Today, please share this with your students and start creating.  You will make a difference my adding your #BunceeBuddiesMilesOfSmiles too.  

Books and Resources To Inspire Kindness

Over Thanksgiving break, my family went to the movie Wonder.  Not only was this one of our favorite books to read aloud at home and in the library, it is now one of our all-time favorite movies too.  

Afterwards it inspired conversations between us about acceptance, differences and of course, always being kind to others.  
We are also thankfully seeing this theme more and more within our school communities, libraries and classrooms.  Kindness is taught throughout meaningful lessons, songs, books, arts and crafts, and more.  

Today I would love to share a few ideas for bringing kindness to your space and work too.  

Tonight at 8:00pm CST we can join teacher librarians Shawna Ford and Michelle Cooper for #txlchat as they talk about encouraging our students to give back this holiday season in the Kindness Counts conversation here on Twitter. 

You just follow and use #txlchat to be part of the conversation.  
Last month, we celebrated World Kindness Day on November 13. 
For this special event, I brought together lots of wonderful resources, lessons, posters, crafts, stories and songs into the World Kindness Day Collection by Destiny.  These resources can be used to embed and teach kindness within your school and community all year long. 
I love Books That Inspire Us To Be Better and you will find all of these shown above on this....
Titlewave List.  You can also search books like Wonder and with themes of kindness within Destiny. 
There are also helpful resources included in the National Bullying Prevention Awareness Resources Collection
I love tying in kindness to art and craft activities and these are perfect for the library and classroom....even at home with families too.  If you take a look on Pinterest, you will find so many.  

Here is one list of Kindness Arts and Crafts that I found on Pinterest. 
On the Books Filled With Kindness Padlet, my daughter Brianna and I have gathered together lots of books focusing on kindness.  Please feel free to add more to this too.

With all of these resources and even more, you will bring kindness to your students too.  I can't think of anything more important this holiday season and throughout the year.