Friday, October 20, 2017

Digital Citizenship Collection and Symbaloo....For #DigCitWeek And All Year Long!

Digital Citizenship Week is one of the most important weeks all year long.  Even though it is almost over, Digital Citizenship is something we must focus on every day within education and throughout our communities.

I have put together a Collection by Destiny full of important resources, sites, research, articles and so much more. 

You can get to the Digital Citizenship Collection here. can make a Copy of this if you would like and add books, eBooks and eResources from your Destiny to a Collection to.  This ties students and your school community directly to the catalog. 
I have also put together a Symbaloo full of important resources, sites, research, articles and so much more.

You can get to the Digital Citizenship Symbaloo here.
I am super excited to share my new book Staying Safe Online from Cantata Learning, with my friend Emily Arrow singing, to the Collection....
....Symbaloo too!  
Staying Safe Online can be found here.  You will love sharing this with your students as they sing, learn and practice skills for being safe online.

Since this Collection and Symbaloo would be overwhelming to share with kids, I created one just for them!
You will find the I Am A Digital Citizen Symbaloo here.

This one includes Google's Be Internet Awesome, the suite of digital citizenship games from Common Sense Media,  PBS Webonauts and lots of games, eBooks and resources from NetSmarts,, BrainPOP, Professor Garfield and more!

If you see any that are not included, please let me know and I will add them right away.  And this is public, so use it, share it and you can even turn off the sharing and use it as your own.
One more thing that will be helpful to you, especially as we have time this summer, is the Follett Community webinar I did a few months ago.
It is called Digital Literacy: Project Connect's Microcredential Course and the recording can be found here.

In this webinar, we explored the definitions and importance of digital literacy and citizenship.  I also told my story of integrating digital literacy and citizenship into the library and school by creating a supportive and engaging curriculum, program and community. 

I focused on various programs and resources that support digital literacy and citizenship. 
One that I am very passionate about and that is perfect for learning the skills yourself is Project Connect. Follett created Project Connect to advocate and support librarians as leaders in Future Ready Librarianship skills, including digital literacy.  

They have also developed an online microcredential course to help librarians and others develop a vision and plan to promote digital learning within their library.  I recently took this course and loved sharing specifics during the webinar. 

I know you will enjoy learning how you can sign up and get involved in Project Connect too.  You can do that here.

It is important for all of us to understand how to best empower our students as they become responsible digital citizens and critical consumers of information.  Please watch the webinar to find out more!  

Be AWESOME today friends, as we empower and teach our digital citizens!  

Check Out The October Future Ready Librarian Twitter Chat Archive Here!

We have kicked off the Future Ready Librarian Twitter Chats this fall and they have been awesome! 
 If you missed the last Future Ready Librarian Twitter Chat with John Hochstetler and....
Victoria Benitez, please check out the archive here.

Please join us for the next one on November 16 at 8:00pm EST.

And don't forget to use the #FutureReadyLibs hashtag on Twitter throughout the month too.

I Am A Digital Citizen Symbaloo...For Your Students!

I have something perfect to share with your students for Digital Citizenship Week!  It is a Symbaloo full of games, sites, books and songs.

You can get to the I Am A Digital Citizen Symbaloo here.

This is a great resource for students to use at school and to send home with them to use at home with their families too.

Share Your Favorite Halloween Resources On This Padlet for #FavoriteFindsFriday!

Halloween is right around the corner and it is time to gather up some freaky fun for your students and teachers too!  
Today for Favorite Finds Friday, let's share our Favorite Halloween Resources!  

You can use #FavoriteFindsFriday on Twitter and I have also created the Padlet above for all of us to share!  

You can go here to add your favorite Halloween resources too. 

And let me share some Halloween FUN to get us started!  I have added these things to the Padlet too. 
I brought together two Halloween Collections filled with reading, making, baking, singing, learning and writing fun! 

You will find the Let's Celebrate Halloween Collection for elementary students here.
These are two of my favorite new Halloween books from Cantata Learning.
Halloween and Monster Party...A Song About Drawing With Numbers from Cantata Learning.  These two stories are paired with music that you will find online to stream or download.

It is super easy for students to get to the music by scanning the QR codes found throughout each book.
Monster Party...A Song about Drawing and Numbers is from the new Sing and Draw Set by the dynamic team of Blake Hoena, Tim Palin and Emily Arrow.
I remember drawing things from numbers when I was young from Ed Emberley's fantastic books and the six new books in this Cantata Learning series are just as fun!

And they can sing along while drawing and learning about numbers....How cool is that!

I added the Monster Party video to the Let's Celebrate Halloween Collection so it will be super easy for your students to sing and draw monsters too. 
You will find all four of the titles from this series in the Sing and Draw YouTube playlist here.
These two series of Cantata Learning books, along with all Cantata titles, are available on Titlewave from Follett.
In fact, these books and more can be found on the October 31 Happy Halloween Titlewave List that our friends at Follett have put together for us.  

I just love looking through all of the wonderful books available for our readers for Halloween and the fall.  
Also, in the Let's Celebrate Halloween Collection you will find lots of educational and fun websites and activities including ones from PBS Kids,
 several from ABCya!,
 and a link to Buncee, where you and your students can create so many amazing digital stories for...
Halloween too!

Check it out and share this Collection with your students this month too. 
As for the librarians and teachers, I have created the Halloween Collection for Librarians and Teachers that you will find here.
It is filled with amazing learning, teaching, making, reading and sharing Halloween resources. There is definitely something for everyone here.

I will continue to add to both Halloween Collections and please let me know if you'd like to collaborate and share things on them too.  I will make you a collaborator...that would be fun.

Today, if you have any #FavoriteFindsFriday, please add them to the Padlet.  I will then add them to the Collections too! 

Happy October and Halloween, friends....I hope you find lots of ideas in this post and enjoy the month in your library and school too!  

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

66 New Articles In PebbleGo For Our Youngest Learners!

Our friends at Capstone have exciting news to share this week.  
66 new PebbleGo articles are now available in several of the databases. 
This is a list of the 66 new PebbleGo articles available within the Animals and Animales, Biographies, Science and Social Studies databases. 
 A few of my favorite new articles are Methods of Making Art, 
 Transportation and...
several of the Biographies.  
Content Maps have been updated and are available in the Resources section of Capstone Community. 
If you haven't join Capstone Community yet, you can do that here too.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Building Instructional Partnerships....Today's Future Ready Librarian Webinar Recording and Slides

I had the honor of joining six amazing teacher librarians today for the Future Ready Librarian webinar, Building Instructional Partnerships.  
Suzanna Panter, Dawn Baughman and Charmaine Norton from Tacoma Public Schools in Washington and Becky Calzada, Sandy Liptak and Zandra Lopez from Leander Independent School District in Texas joined me as we shared strategies, inspiring stories and lots of tips and resources to use when building instructional partnerships within the school community.  

You will find the video archive above and on the Alliance for Excellent Education here.

You will also find the Google Slides in the window above.  

The links to the resources such as the Future Ready Librarian Collection by Destiny and webinar archives are included in the slides too. 
Librarians, district leaders, and all educators should watch this webinar to learn more about the Future Ready Librarian program and how these librarian leaders embrace and build instructional partnerships to make a difference in their library, school community, and for the students with whom they work everyday. 
Please let us know if you have any questions by using #FutureReadyLibs on Twitter.  
And we hope you join us for the next Future Ready Librarian webinar, Cultivating Community Partnerships, on December 12 at 4:00pm EST. 

Inside The Follett Challenge Facebook Event on October 30...Please Join Us

With the Follett Challenge opening next week on October 23, Follett is hosting an awesome Facebook event to answer all of your questions and share lots of inspiration. 

Please join us on October 30 for the Inside the Follett Challenge Facebook Event. 

You can sign up to attend here

Monday, October 16, 2017

Games For The Library and Classroom...Check Out This Padlet!

I love the posts on our Future Ready Librarian Facebook Group about games in the library, especially when board games are shared.  

This was an important part of our library and something that everyone can bring to your students and community too.  

With all of the posts and everyone trying to keep track of what is being shared, I created a Padlet tonight that we can collaborate on together.  
Not only did I include Board Games, but I also included a column for Digital Citizenship Games, Library Games, Makerspace Games, Breakout EDU and Online Learning Games.  

We can add more columns too...this is just a start.  

And I just started adding links to the Padlet.  Please go to the Games for the Library and Classroom Padlet to share what your students love too. 

I can't wait to see the ideas and games we come up with!  Oh...and don't forget to ask your students to share too.  

Students Can Show Their Passion For Being A Change Through Global Goals With Buncee!

As we kick off a new week, Buncee has something very special to share!
This week we can celebrate the theme of the #BunceeBuddies pen pal project, the UN's Global Goals, with new set of beautiful stickers and backgrounds. 
As you can see from the Buncee that Meagan created above, students can use the backgrounds, stickers, animals and words to create and share the UN Global Goals they feel most passionate about.
You will find these backgrounds...
 and stickers under the Recently Added...
 and Transportation categories.
Together, these new Buncee assets will help our students share the Global Goal they are most passionate about in such a creative and meaningful way. 
For more information about Buncee Buddies and these themed assets, please check out this new post on the Buncee Blog here.

You can use #GlobalGoals and #BunceeBuddies to share and find even more on Twitter too.