Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Flipgrid Wants To Show Off Your Students Art Work!

 Flipgrid has announced a very special Student Art Contest!

They are putting together a new batch of images to use when customizing grids.  To make it even more exciting, they are asking students to submit art work to showcase their creativity.  

You can go here to find out more.

Easy Steps In Creating A Buncee!

As you get your students all signed up for the Summer Sparks Reading Contest, you might find it helpful to have a couple videos to use when you teaching your students and parents about Buncee.  

Here are three that will be helpful and give you easy steps in creating with Buncee. 

A New Place To Share & Celebrate Our Photos!

I love photography.

I love taking photos of my family, home and all the places we travel.

I love seeing the world through others eyes and their photos too.  

In fact, I love sharing my photographs with my friends at Buncee, because they like using original photographs for their backgrounds, which make our creations even more special.

Today, they announced a very special new place for all of the Buncee Photo Friends and the photographs we have contributed.
You can go to Buncee Photo Friends to see the photographs and...
 learn more about everyone who has shared their photos.
Then when you go to Backgrounds as you are creating a Buncee, you will find photographs under each category.  

For example, I am listed as Outdoor photos so you will find mine in the Outdoor Background Category.  Here are a few of mine that popped up above.  I took these with Eric and I visited Mount Vernon last month.  
I am also very excited about the new Animal Backgrounds by nature photographer Bob Birdsall. They are absolutely beautiful and your students will love using these in their creations.
If you are interested in sharing your photos, contact Buncee at to learn more.

We can't wait to see your photographs too!