Thursday, April 23, 2015

We Were Inspired By Christopher Myer's Book "My Pen" To Create "Our Pens" With Explee

I just love My Pen by Christopher Myers.  It is a powerful story of words woven together with beautiful pen and ink illustrations all created by Christopher.

As first saw this book last week at the Texas Library Association Conference in Austin.
The cover first caught my eye as I wanted to know what the hand would draw next within the pages of the book.
He has written such a thought provoking book that encourages readers to Let those worlds inside your pen out!
After I read it a few times, I thought of something that would be very cool to use with this book.

We could use the digital video scribing tool Explee to create our very own story of Our Pens and the things they wanted to draw and say.
Explee for Education is a new tool and one that I have really enjoyed using.

I wrote about Explee in this post...I Have A New Favorite Animated Video Creator.....Look What You Can Create With Explee!  It will give you a better idea of how to use and sign up for Explee.  
I gathered together some of my little friends and read The Pen with them.  Then we choose illustrations from the library of images with Explee and words to tell the story of Our Pens. 

It is so much fun to put together images, words, and music to tell a story within Explee.  You can even add your own voice....and voice to text too.
Once you publish your Explee, it is very easy to share through social media, email and by embedding it into a blog post or other format, which is what I did below.  
We hope you enjoy our Explee, Our Pens.  We would love to see what your pens would share with the world too. 

Thank you Christopher for inspiring us with your amazing story.  

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

"Summer Reading With MackinVIA...Prevent The Summer Slide" From Iowa AEA 267!

I have been sharing I Want To Read from Mackin Educational Resources in all kinds of conversations about summer reading....I am super excited about this tools that they have created for our young learners in grades K-5.  It is such a terrific way to get your students connected to reading and writing all summer long.

You can read my post Connecting Our Readers All Summer Long With Mackin's New "I Want To Read" Website! to learn more about I Want To Read and...

check it out here too.  

Now I want to show you what one of the wonderful state Area Education Agency's in Iowa, AEA267, created with Mackin to support and encourage summer reading.  
They have created their very own I Want To Read platform with books they specifically picked out for the children within their area schools.   
Along with the I Want To Read AEA 267 website, they have created bookmarks and other materials to go along with the site in order to get everyone excited and connected to the program. 
As they kicked off this program, Mesa Heise from Mackin, along with the amazing people at AEA267, hosted a webinar last week, Summer Reading With MackinVIA...Prevent The Summer Slide. 

Within this webinar, they talk about the importance of summer reading and writing; the features of MackinVIA and how to access and use eBooks and eResources; and the I Want To Read website.
I hope you watch the webinar to collect some ideas for your own students and families.....And make sure you use and share the very special I Want To Read website too. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What An Amazing TL News Night With Special Guests From ALA and AASL!

Each month I am part of the TL News Night team as we bring a 60-minute live show to everyone through Google Hangout.  

Last night we had four very special guests representing the American Library Association and the American Association of School Librarians.  

We hosted Terri Grief, current AASL President; Sylvia Norton, AASL Executive Director; Leslie Preddy, incoming AASL President; and Barbara Stripling, past ALA president.  These are four leaders that we all look up and are inspired by throughout their work and advocacy for school libraries, libraries, and the patrons we all work with.  
The title of their amazing presentation was Fostering Emotional and Social Connection Through Technology

I hope you watch the recording of the show above...It is one you just don't want to miss.