Friday, August 26, 2016

Three Amazing Teacher Librarians Honored By Scholastic & School Library Journal!

What wonderful news from Scholastic and School Library Journal!

They have named my amazing friend Todd Burleson of Hubbard Woods School in Winnetka, Illinois the 2016 School Librarian of the Year!

I couldn't be more proud of Todd and the difference he is making within his school community and for all teacher librarians everywhere.
Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Todd and visiting his amazing library!  It was like walking into the best place on earth for me and I can just imagine how the children he works with feel everyday.
 Scholastic shared this news on their On Our Minds blog yesterday.  You can read the post here.
I loved reading how excited Todd was and the continued impact he will have on our profession and within education.
There are also two finalists that have been named.

Laura Gardner of Dartmouth Middle School in Dartmouth, MA.  You can read all about Laura here.
And Anita Cellucci of Westborough High School in Westborough, MA.  You can read all about Anita here.
You can also read Todd's announcement in School Library Journal here.

I hope you will join us in congratulating Todd, Laura and Anita on social media using #SchoolLibOTY.

Congrats again friends!  I love what you are doing to impact children, libraries and education everyday.  You are truly an inspiration to all of us. 

Visit National Parks On Their 100th Birthday With Google's 360 Degree Tours

As we celebrate the National Parks 100 Birthday, Google has created something very special!

On Google Arts and Culture, we can take 360 degree tours of several National Parks here.

Today I visited the Hawaii Volcanoes!  How cool is this.

Check it out here today.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

StoryboardThat Has Added Lots Of Awesome Things You Won't Want To Miss!

I am always so excited to get updates like this one from my friends at StoryboardThat!  And with school starting, this is perfect!

As you see from all the creating that I am doing, they have made StoryboardThat better than ever!
It is so much fun creating with StoryboardThat.  I love being able to create any kind of storyboard that you want, with so many different scenes, characters and other items to choose from.  

The other day when I was making a storyboard, I had a blast playing with Smart Scene.  
When you add a Scene to your storyboard, you can then change specific details such as Time of Day, Weather, etc...  

In this one you can see that I changed the door being opened or class, weather and time of day.
I even added a little girl to the inside of the bus.  I was able to change all of the colors about her and the way she was posed.  
I also love how I can now take the color out of the scene by clicking on Remove Colors.  

This would be fun to use if you didn't have enough devices for all of your students.  You could create a storyboard, print it off and have them fill in the details with art materials and pencils.  
As I created my library scenes, I wanted to add Makerspace materials.  I loved being able to search for the 3D printer that I wanted to add.

You will find search at the top tool bar right by Upload.  It even keeps track of what you have searched for making it very easy to go back.
 And the last update are the Textables.  They have been updated and are really awesome!
 With several different styles including Classic, Comic, 
 Artistic and...

 Signage, there is a Textable for all of your storyboard needs.
I love creating, making and telling stories with StoryboardThat.

I know that you and your students will too!
You can create a storyboard today too.....Just click here.