Thursday, December 8, 2016

MackinMaker....A One Stop Shop For Makerspaces From Mackin!

I would like to introduce all of you to something brand new called MackinMaker from our amazing friends at Mackin!  
MackinMaker has been designed to aid in the growth and development of creative learners, as their site says.
To start this journey into MackinMaker, kick it off my watching this video So What's A Makerspace? created by Mackin.

You will find it at too.
 There are so many wonderful products included on MackinMackin.
You will find MackinMacker Books organized and available in a variety of topics and genres.

Mackin's professionals put together these great list of MackinMaker titles.  You can't go wrong by adding any of these to your library collection!
You will find MackinMackin Kits curated by Mackin's team of educational professionals.
These can be searched by grade level and each one ties into the maker initiatives taking place within our schools and communities.
Within each list, you will also find Related Books that you can add to your ideas, projects and orders.
 You can Build Your Own Custom Collections from six main lists of MackinMaker products.
You will find Horizon Education STEM KITS.  
 These kits introduce students to the science of renewable energy technology.
Not only are all of these maker materials available, MackinMaker can also be used as a valuable resource and partner in the educational world of making.

You will find a growing number of posts available on the MackinMaker Blog.  These are very helpful, engaging and exciting bringing the best support as we bring Makerspaces to our spaces too.

Lastly, there is a place where maker videos are being curated in one place.

I love watching these schools talk about Makerspaces and making too!
Once again, if you are just starting out or want to freshen up and replenish your Makerspace, this is the perfect place to start.

Not only can you order the materials you need, you will also connect with other Maker educators, teacher librarians and others within their exciting making journey too.

You can find here today!

Add MAKE STUFF To Your Holiday Makerspace!

This is the perfect time of year to bring making into our libraries, classrooms and communities.  

It lets our young people work on new projects, express their holiday spirit and even create that extra cool gift for someone special. 

Yesterday when I was bringing together resources on the Holiday Makerspace Ideas and Projects For Your Students To Create Pinterest Board....
I thought of a place that is perfect for our makers from that includes the drawing activity A Christmas Drawing Wonderland. 

It is called MAKE STUFF and can be found here!

It would be fun to include as it walks students through the process of drawing a super cute snowman.
And MAKE STUFF contains so much more including...
 Magic Tricks, 
 Fold It, 
 and Projects.  
Within each activity, there is also a place for Materials, More Projects and you can even Download...
 each as a PDF to make copies of or send home.
 I love how MAKE STUFF has included a few book suggestions with each topic too.

Happy Holidays and Happy Making All Year Long! 

Look How Eduporium Helped Me Build My Makerspace-To-Go!

A few months ago I was part of the OCM BOSES PBLNY Event in Syracuse, New York and learned about a wonderful company called Eduporium.  

They had filled the public space with amazing materials, resources, gadgets and more that fit into our Makerspaces through all of the STEAM categories including Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. 

I couldn't wait to find out what this was all about so I looked for the people who created this amazing scene. 

They were excited to tell me they put these bundles together for the conference.  I was very intrigued to find out more.
For PBLNY, Eduporium worked closely with the directors at OCM BOSES to create Custom Tech Bundles that incorporated five key STEAM areas of study into the curriculum.... circuitry, robotics, music, coding and general technology.

Eduporium also encourages educators to make their own bundles. 

Perhaps there is a particular lesson plan or project that you have in mind....This is the perfect way to bring resources together to highlight a concept of group of STEAM concepts. 
As I walked around to the tables that displayed the different Custom Tech Bundles, I was excited to see not only the materials....
but also projects, descriptions and materials you will need to integrate these successfully into the curriculum of your library or classroom. 

I love this idea! 

Eduporium will not only help us get these materials into our spaces, but will also support how we integrate them and find success through these new ideas and projects. 

They will work with any school and educational organization to create personalized experiences and tech bundles.  
This is where our project together started!  

I told them about my Makerspace presentations and consulting asking them to work with me to build a Makerspace-to-Go....with an emphasis on creating a Musical Makerspace for several presentations and events coming up integrating Cantata Learning songs and other materials.  

Eduporium shared the process which is taken when developing the Custom Tech Bundles.  This is demonstrated on the chart above and here....

1. We research the world of innovation tech (internationally) for cool products.

2. We vet products - and companies - for educational value. In our collection now we have about 400 products and the list is growing as we speak.

3. We partner with selected companies - to be able to negotiate the price for educators.

4. We work with schools and organizations as a consultant to discuss their needs, desires, ideas and ideals.

5. We match the discovered needs with hand-picked products from our collection to truly customize the bundle and provide the list with description of products (which is found below for my Makerspace-to-Go. 

6. We discuss our proposal and make necessary corrections.

7. We deliver the bundle with starting activities booklet to eliminate fear of unknown tech in case it's needed - in order to save time and keep the comfort level high.

8. As your "partner in education" we are waiting for the feedback - and available in-person anytime. 

After brainstorming ideas, researching products and pulling resources together, Eduporium has created an AMAZING Makerspace-to-Go for me!  

This is what it includes...
I can't wait to get it in a few days!  And I especially cannot wait to use it with young people, teacher librarians, educators and others around the country.  

I will keep you in the loop and let you know what I think!  
You can go to the Eduporium website to find out more and see all of the wonderful things they have brought together for us. 
Also, find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @eduporium 

This is a great place to see what they have for all of us and gain lots of ideas on how these materials and ideas are being used in schools and libraries.