Monday, August 21, 2017

Sing and Read As You Teach Your Students To Stay Safe Online

This just made my day!  

My dear friend Marie received one of my new books, Staying Safe Online, in the mail today. 
I love this story and song!

Staying Safe Online teaches our youngest learners all about the online world and what they need to know to stay safe online and be productive, engaging digital citizens.   
Not only will they learn along with the adorable animal characters created by illustrator Kathryn Durst, they will sing along with Emily Arrow, who wrote and sang the music for Staying Safe Online and the other three books in this series, 

Click above to listen to Staying Safe Online.  

I just love how Emily took this story and made it into such a sweet and catchy tune for all of our young learners to sing as they learn how to stay safe online and practice their digital citizen skills.   

I know you will love it too!  
As you are singing along with your students, you will find the music.... 
...and lyrics in the back of the book and also on the Cantata Learning site. 
There is a CD in the back of the book (in fact, in all of the Cantata Learning books) or...
...the QR codes, which is on the back of the book and inside the book, can be scanned to go to the music....
...on the Cantata Learning site too.  

The music can be streamed, download and there is even an instrumental version of Staying Safe Online too. 

You will find Staying Safe Online here
Staying Safe Online is perfect to use when teaching your students simple digital citizenship skills and as you kick off another year.  

I hope you love reading and singing it just as much as I do.  
You will find it on the Capstone site here.  Soon it will be available in an ebook too. 

Lightbox...An Interactive Reading and Learning Experience For Your Students

As librarians and educators we want to put the very best and most engaging resources into the hands of our students.  We want to find those resources that make learning exciting and content come to life through the pages of the books they read.  And we want to choose resources that inspire all of our readers in a variety of ways.  

With Lightbox from Follett, we can offer the unique student-centered learning experience we are looking for!  

As the Lightbox page states, 

Lightbox™ is a PreK-12 multimedia educational space that encourages students to see learning in a whole new light. With Lightbox, students receive a true multimedia learning experience that incorporates audio, video, interactive activities, and much more across a variety of professionally developed curriculum.
Designed to inspire contemporary students, Lightbox incorporates videos, Google Maps, worksheets, audio, quizzes, and other exciting interactive features. Lightbox also integrates access to your eBook collections, Destiny® Library Manager™,, and other key sites.
Lightbox will bring students a reading and learning experience like never before with these interactive features. 
Although these features are what make Lightbox unique, take a look at the benefits from differentiated, comprehensive, connected and more.  

Oh...I almost forgot.  When you purchase a Lightbox title, this also includes a print copy of the book, along with the MARC record with perpetual multi-user access to the title.  

How cool is that?  
Now don't just take it from me.  I also want to share that Lightbox won Best of Show at ISTE 2016 from Tech & Learning, which is a huge accomplishment and honor. 

In fact, take a look at a few of the Lightbox titles and see for yourself why they will serve a special place with your students and teachers too.  
As I mentioned earlier, Lightbox is a PreK-12 platform which covers a large variety of topics including science, holidays,, social studies,
history, literature studies and so much more.  
Follett has also introduced Lightbox in Spanish which includes several topics for PreK-12 too. 
I really love looking through all of the Lightbox titles that are available on Titlewave....especially the new 2018 Lightbox titles!  There are lots of great ones and more being added every year. 
You can look at Lightbox on Titlewave here too. 

I just know you will love what you find and your students will definitely love the reading and learning experience they will be part of with Lightbox too.

Watch The Designing Collaborative Spaces Webinar With Future Ready Librarians Here

On August 15, 2017, Future Ready Librarians held a webinar on designing collaborative spaces in school libraries.  Our webinar series is sponsored by Follett and the Alliance for Excellent Education. It addressed the question of how can school librarians support Future Ready Schools® (FRS) by identifying ways librarians can lead, teach, and support personalized student learning in library spaces. The FRL framework is based on research-based components used by FRS.
This webinar examined how librarians can design, support, and champion collaborative and flexible spaces that promote inquiry, creativity, collaboration and community. Carolyn Foote and Andy Plemmons shared how they designed library spaces with flexibility and student learning at the center. They shared stories, examples, and pushed viewers to make changes and embrace library spaces and communities as Future Ready Librarians too.
Librarians, district leaders, and all educators are invited to view this webinar to learn more about the FRL program and how Carolyn and Andy designed collaborative spaces and taken their library program to new levels.
You will find this webinar and the others on the Alliance for Excellent Education here. Also, the slides from Designing Collaborative Spaces can be found here