Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How Fun! Check Out The Annual Vocabulary Bowl From!

I just found something super fun online from one of my favorite websites for kids,!

It is the annual Vocabulary Bowl!
Your students will be participating with other students in the United States and Canada to become the leader that can master the most words during the 2014-15 school year.
It will be fun for them to keep track of the leaders within the Vocabulary Bowl....especially of your schools progress.
I hope you check it out for your students, teachers, and school community too.  You can sign up here and start playing right away.

Good luck and have fun!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hagan Loves The New Tynker App.....Perfect For Hour Of Code & Beyond!

Hagan and I have been having so much fun learning more about coding. 

There are several apps that can be used but we really love one that we downloaded on our iPad this last weekend. This one is new to us, but definitely not a new coding program or resource.  It is from the people at Tynker.  
Last year I introduced all of the students to coding and terms like HTML, programming, and of course....coding.  The young people had an amazing time using Tynker, along with several other websites and apps.
I put together the Coding. Coding. Coding. Symbaloo webmix and continue to add to and update this one.  You can share this with your students and school community too.
For the next app from Tynker, download it from iTunes....It is free and they also have a paid version for $4.99.
Hagan just loved created his very own heros and villans.
It was so fun to program the different characters throughout the game to move, hide, wait, and many other actions. Hagan thought that was the best part.  It kept him engaged and interested for a long time.  He wanted to do the best that he could in order to see what happened to the characters next.
Finding this new coding app and visiting the resources we have been using gets us even more excited for a wonderful event coming up in December.

This is the second year we have celebrated Hour of Code.  This year it is being held December 8-14. You can sign up and get connected to so many resources on the website.
There are various companies who have included free resources for Hour of Code....Tynker is one of them.  Just wait until you see all of the activities they have included for our students to use when learning to code.  They are awesome!  

Yesterday one of my friends shared an interesting article on my Facebook.... There's One Skill Worth More Than A Harvard Degree....And Anyone Can Learn It.  This is such an important skill for our young people to learn and embrace.  It is something that they all love and one that will prove to be important in their future.  

Learn About Lots Of Engaging Activities For Integrating eBooks At My SimpleK12 Webinar This Week

I love finding ways to integrate digital and print books and resources into activities, projects, and within the lives of our young people.

With the excitement and importance around these materials, it is so much fun developing activities for integrating eBooks and one of my favorite things to do as a teacher librarian.

This week I have the honor of presenting for SimpleK12 about this topic.
On Thursday, October 23 at 5:00pm EST you can learn about ways to engage your students and enhance learning with eBooks too.

And better yet.....As a member of my PLN, you can log into my webinar for FREE! Typically this webinar would be closed to members of the SimpleK12 Community only, but I have the amazing opportunity to make it open for my very special PLN.

You can register at this link.

I can't wait to share my ideas with all of you!