Friday, October 9, 2015

The World Education Games Are Returning....October 13-15!

It is almost time for World Education Games again.  
Start by watching this short video about the games. 
It is free and easy for schools, teachers, and families to sign up for World Education Games and participate in this awesome three days of learning, sharing, and fun. 
As you can see there are lots of reasons why you should take part is this three day event from October 13-15.
There are three different events within World Education Games including World Literacy Day, World Maths Day and World Science Day.  You can find out more about each here.
My students loved being able to watch the leader boards each year and see where the students were from around the world.

Sign up today for World Education Games and let your students and school join in on the learning and fun too!  

An Amazing Day With My Friends At TEC-SIG In Austin!

Yesterday I had the wonderful honor of being part of the TEC-SIG Fall Meeting in Austin, Texas. This is the Technology Coordinators Special Interest group for TCEA.

When I was asked to be the keynote for this event, I knew I had to share the importance of teacher librarians, libraries and most of all student voice.  It was awesome sharing this message with the special people there.
I kicked off the day with my keynote Transforming Learning...One Voice at at Time. 

The Twitter hashtag for #TECSIG15 is a great one to follow.  I loved going back and reading the conversation.  You can check out my Storify of our day here too
Next, I spoke about Makerspaces in my presentation Bringing a New Voice To Libraries, Schools and Education Through Makerspaces.  
Afterwards, Eric and I found the super cool LEGO wall that TCEA created in one of their hallways. I love how they used a curtain rod underneath to hang little buckets from for the LEGO's and building materials.  
My last presentation of the day was Amazing Digital Tools and Apps That Will Engage Your Students and Promote Creativity. 
In between sessions my friend Meaghan from TCEA showed me around their beautiful facility.
 What a FUN place they have created....full of collaborative and inspiring spaces.
 And even a little blast from the past!
 In the evening, we went on the Bat Bridge Cruise with our friends in Texas.
And ended our night with a trip to Gourdough's for one of their fancy donuts.  
Thank you Carolyn and Scott for this experience. It was the perfect way to end our day.

And thank you to all of the educators and others who made my day with all of you so special.  You are truly making a difference in education and the lives of our young people.  I loved being part of your day and hope to see you all very soon.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Our Readers Can Rate Books In MackinVIA Now...and See What Others Thought Too!

There have been some interactive features updates in MackinVIA lately that make it even better than ever!  

One that I really love is that our readers can now rate books they have read.  They can see what others have rated books too. 

All they have to do is be logged into their Backpack.  
Then they can give one to five being the lowest and five being the highest rating.  
It's easy to see how other users have rated the resource.  Just click on the yellow stars to see a breakdown. 
You will want to make sure that ratings is turned on in your MackinVIA Administrator Settings.
Just make sure Rating is marked Active. 

This will be one more way that MackinVIA can help you engage and excite your students and school community to get even more excited about reading.