Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Bring Stories & Songs To The Physical Education Classroom!

As we celebrate National Physical Fitness and Sports Month throughout the month of May...
and National Physical Education and Sport Week May 1-7, there are many resources available to make this a special and memorable event for all of the young people in our lives.  

It has made me think about how perfect so many of the Cantata Learning books and songs would be for the physical education classroom!  
Here are just a handful of Cantata titles that can be brought into PE and health classes which will make an impact in such a fun and meaningful way.  
One of my favorites is This Is The Way We Move!  
This one is a terrific way to celebrate moving and exercising all year long. And what fun to exercise and move with music as we learn important things too. 

All of these Cantata Learning books can be found on their site....along with the music for free. 
On the Let's Move Blog, you will find a helpful post from the executive director of the President's Council on Fitness with ways to be active in May and beyond.

Have You Seen The Special M&M Packages Celebrating The Last 75 Years?

Yesterday after school, Hagan and I were in Casey's grabbing a drink.  On the counter, was this neat M&M's display with big colorful words across the front...
M&M's Celebrating 75 Years!  

I told Hagan and we started to look at the packs inside of the display.  We quickly realized that the M&M characters on the front were different and that each was commemorating a decade.

We pulled out the 1940's, 1960's and 1970's to start.  Hags and I smiled and talked about how much the little characters we all know have changed.  I didn't know this was a special celebration, so we went home to look it up.

To start, we watched an awesome video created just for the celebration that takes us on a trip through the M&M history. 

So next time you see M&M's, make sure you check out all of the different packages.....You will love how the characters we all love have changed. 

This would be a fun media and advertising lesson for your students too. 

Creating An Interactive Coloring Book & Much More With eduBuncee & The New Cantata Learning Coloring Sheets!

I have the perfect activity for your library, classroom or home.  
It ties together literacy, music and creativity into these adorable new coloring sheets that are straight out of our favorite books from Cantata Learning!   

Each of the 10 coloring sheets coordinates with a Cantata Learning song. 
Hagan and I first pulled out Five Speckled Frogs retold by Steven Anderson and with the sweetest illustrations by Tim Palin.  

He enjoyed looking at how Tim colored the frogs and other things in the book.  I told him how Tim uses an iPad and other technology when drawing and coloring his illustrations. Hagan thought that was really cool. 
It was also great fun to listen to Five Speckled Frogs online and sing along.

We looked up the Song Lyrics in the eBook within Capstone Interactive.  This is one of our favorite ways to read and sing all of the Cantata Learning titles.

Hagan had fun coloring and made up words of his own as he sang along.  He put a twist onto the coloring sheet by adding these new elements with crayons and pencils too.
There are so many ways that you will be able to use the Cantata Learning coloring sheets.

They can be used as a Community Coloring activity by laying them out on a table or within a Musical Makerspace as an activity with art, music and literacy.  As they listen and sing along, students can color and draw what they feel and see.

It will be wonderful to see how they are used within literacy centers or during music lessons.

And they will be a meaningful to children as we teach them nursery rhymes like Miss Mary Mack, Shoo Fly, Don't Bother Me or One, Two Buckle My Shoe.

The coloring sheets can be added to a classroom book....
or even an eBook using a digital tool like eduBuncee where these Cantata Learning coloring pages can be uploaded for children to color and add interactive stickers, words and sentences, and even add their own story or song recording within the pages.

On the Buncee above, Riley went to the Cantata Learning YouTube Channel, found this book, copied the URL and embedded it into her page of the brand new class book.
These digital books can be shared in an email and social media.  They can also be embedded in a blog or wiki, like the one above.  You can click on the arrow to see what the little ones have done so far in their collaborative Five Speckled Frogs eBook.
You can get the coloring sheets by clicking on this link.  Please feel free to share the link with other teachers, librarians and parents too.

We can't wait to see how you will celebrate creativity, music and stories with these coloring sheets too.