Thursday, May 26, 2016

Coding With Our Osmo!

I am always looking for new coding websites, apps and tools that will help our young ones learn, develop and practice these important and essential skills.   

When I saw this new product to go along with our Osmo, I was very excited!  
They have announced Osmo Coding, which allows children to combine tangible blocks with an interactive game to teach logic skills and problem solving through coding.  
As you can see, Osmo Coding will not only be educational for children, it is also very fun and interactive too.  
You can learn all about Osmo Coding here.  I can't wait to try it out this summer too!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

#BunceeChat....You Don't Want To Miss It!

Our friends at Buncee have created a very special place for all of us to meet, learn and share.

It is called #BunceeChat and will be held on the first and third Thursday of each month from 8:00-8:45pm EST.
During each chat, they will have a guest moderator open up a discussion with the community and share questions on the week's topic.

This last week, #BunceeChat was all about summer reading.  It was an awesome chat with so many ideas and resources.

Join the next #BunceeChat at 8:00pm EST on June 2 as we all talk about how to avoid the summer slide.
You can find more about #BunceeChat on the Buncee blog here too.

Friday, May 20, 2016

I Challenge You To Do One Thing By The End Of The Year

As you read this, think about the question above.  

What is one thing you will try with your students before year's end? 
Two weeks ago, I had the honor of traveling to the WYTECC Conference in Green River, Wyoming. 
It was wonderful sharing with everyone in the keynote and throughout the day.   
And very fun catching up with special friends and making new ones. 
At the end of the keynote, I reminded everyone change starts by doing one thing.  

That is all it takes to make a "Be the Change" as their conference theme one thing. 

And everyone has the power to be the change.  
In the afternoon, I shared Everybody Code: Teaching and Learning an Essential 21st Century Skill.  
This is where I met Shae Lynch, who is a K12 instructional coach in Rock Springs, Wyoming. 
Shae came to the Everybody Code presentation.  And she was hooked! 

She was inspired to dive in and kick off coding at her school too. She was inspired to created a change with her students.  
Since they were challenged to #Do1Thing with the #wyteccchallenge on that day, this would be the perfect place to start.  

She had her one thing!  
Listen to Shae's takeaways from the day. 
Over the next week, I followed Shae on Twitter, as she shared coding articles, her plans and showed excitement for her one thing.  
A few days ago Shae shared this video.  You just have to listen to what was happening at her school. 

She did it!  She was kicking off a coding club!
On May 17, they had their first Coding Club.  
I love the feedback she gave on Twitter and how Darin Anderson was right there to support her too!  
This week she shared the Code Surveys she gave the students who participated.  

Shae wanted to make sure her one thing was going to make the difference she was hoping.  

And just like the student says in the survey from the tweet above.... 
I would have a chance to change the world.   

Her students were empowered.  They loved the one, new thing she brought to them.  They saw the power in this. 

Shae was right....she was going to change the world and the lives of children with her one thing! 
I am proud of Shae.  I admire her for sharing her journey with all of us....for being transparent and honest...for taking a chance on something new.  

She wasn't afraid.  She wanted her one thing to make a difference. 

And it did.  

I can't wait to see where your one thing takes you and your students next year.   

We challenge all of you to #Do1Thing by the end of the year that will make a difference too.